About Us

What Makes Us Unique?

Our pioneering

While there are a number of leak detection services now available in the UK, ADI Pro Leak Detection operates at the very cutting-edge and is constantly striving for ways to expand and improve its services.

Our experience and

Our decades of plumbing experience mean that we can not only find a leak, but also carry out the necessary repairs, often in the same day. Unlike many of our competitors, we can offer a complete package to our customers, without the need for calling multiple companies to resolve the problem.

Our professional approach

Our aim is to find and fix every leak we investigate, no matter how long it takes, and no matter what equipment is needed. We always guarantee enough time to offer a complete service by booking a full day for our customers, and bring every piece of equipment that could possibly be needed. This means there are no hidden costs from running overtime.

Our unbeatable customer care

We care about our customers’ problems. By offering them a sympathetic and understanding ear, we provide reassurance during what is likely to be an emergency or other distressing situation. This builds a relationship of trust from the start and builds our reputation for reliability and professionalism.