Next Steps

Your Next Steps

We hope we have shared with you everything you need to know about the unique opportunity that ADI Pro Leak Detection can offer, and how it can help you to fulfil your ambition of running your own successful and profitable business.

We understand that taking on a franchise is a big decision. There is a lot for you to think about before you decide to invest all the time and money that is required to make it work. Likewise, we want to be sure that we are only recruiting franchisees who will be 100% committed to the franchise and ready to give it their all.

So, we want you to take your time and make sure that you have everything you need before moving forward.

We are very proud of everything that we have achieved at ADI Pro Leak Detection, and are more than happy to talk to you about it!

If you’re ready to take the next step, here is what to do:

Register Your Interest

Step 1 – Get in touch
We’re here to help with any questions you have about the business and the opportunity. You’re under absolutely no obligation at this stage – we just want to help you with any information you need to consider if this is the right franchise for you. Register your interest today, by filling in the form on this page.
Step 2 – Arrange a phone interview
This is your opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns that you have, and make sure that you have everything you need. It is also our opportunity to learn more about you, your skills, and your expectations.
Step 3 – Complete compatibility profile & application form
This is to ensure that you meet the requirements of being an ADI Pro Leak Detection franchisee, and that we both understand what is required to make the franchise a success.
Step 4 – Attend a Discovery Day
We will arrange for you to come and visit us at our headquarters so that we can show you around and discuss all the most important and confidential information that we cannot give you over the phone. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other face-to-face and make sure that we’re happy to take things further.
Step 5 – Review and Assess
At this stage, we will need to focus on arranging the finance and making sure that you have the resources necessary for the franchise. We will also be carrying out our due diligence checks and assessing you as a franchisee. This is also your opportunity to assess us, and carry out your own due diligence checks.
Step 6 - Make the commitment
All being well, both of us will now be prepared to work together and take this forward. We can sign a franchise agreement and work closely with you to put everything in place for your new franchise.
Step 7 – Start your training
Take your first steps on an exciting new journey into the world of non-invasive leak detection!

We’re going to be with you every step of the way and look forward to welcoming you to the team.